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I am feeling very happy to reach out to you through this website. Encouraged by the commitment of our service sacraments, we have run an NGO called Deenbandhu Seva Sanstha Neemuch towards social welfare.This institution improves the functioning in rural areas, especially the Dalit Scheduled Castes of the society, the people of the tribe, the landless, the bonded laborers, the disabled, the poor orphans, the women, the people living below the poverty line, the small, marginal farmers and the exploited classes Anac has become active with sacred objectives such as helping out prominently.We have realized that collective efforts should be made to improve the lifestyle of the villagers and raise their standard of living. For this, this organization has proposed a scheduled public awareness campaign. For which formation of self-help groups is a good way. There is a need to exploit the local available resources.We will expand the existing form of the institution with the appointment of our workers and officials at all the district headquarters of the country. We invite skilled social workers for this. You can definitely contact us.